Discover Folk Medicine remedies for migraine headaches - new ones that I've discovered, and old ones that were forgotten or ignored until now. 

The SimplyWell Migraine Relief Protocol

I created this 45-page e-book to help explain how I healed myself of chronic migraine headaches. The Protocol outlines everything that you need to rehabilitate your gut, your brain, your lymphatic system, and your cellular respiration by implementing six food-based lifestyle changes. Learn more here.

The SimplyWell Protocol

My name is Marya Gendron. I'm a migraine researcher, mother, wellness coach, citizen scientist, and self-taught nutrition geek. I once suffered from chronic migraine headaches, and now I promote Mother Nature's healing culinary plants and minerals. I'm an advocate for those who have suffered from migraine for too long - especially women and mothers. Read my story here.  

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Dismantle Your Migraine Beast: An Online Course

Coming in Fall 2018 Reclaim Your Power to Fully Function in Your Life Without Migraines or Drugs 

  • UNDERSTAND the digestive, nutritional, neurological & pharmaceutical causes of migraine headaches  
  • REESTABLISH healthy sleep hygiene so that your brain and body can self-repair  
  • DISCOVER how to abort migraines without pharmaceutical drugs  
  • EVALUATE your supplements and stop taking the ones that are making you sicker
  • LEVERAGE the use of simple, gentle, effective culinary plants to heal your gut, head, and adrenals
  • LEARN to manage your stress, get centered, and elicit support from your family and community

One-on-One Migraine Relief Coaching with Marya 

I work with people from all over the world via Skype, as well as in-person in my Portland, Oregon office, to become free from migraines. Individual coaching sessions can be beneficial for those who need:

  • Guidance and help to customize the Protocol to address unique needs and food sensitivities
  • Information and advocacy so that you can work more effectively with your primary health care provider 
  • Compassionate coaching on stress management, spiritual and emotional health concerns with migraine
  • A comprehensive audit of any supplements you are taking  

Learn more about booking your own individualized coaching session here.