Discover Folk Medicine remedies for migraine headaches - new ones that I've created, and old ones that were forgotten or ignored until now. 

 My name is Marya Sunflower McCormick. I'm a migraine researcher, mother, wellness coach, citizen scientist, and self-taught nutrition geek. I once suffered from chronic migraine headaches, and now I promote Mother Nature's healing culinary plants and minerals. I'm an advocate to those who have suffered from migraine for too long - especially women and mothers. Read my story here.  

The SimplyWell Migraine Relief Protocol

I created this 45-page e-book to help explain to you and others how I healed myself of chronic migraine headaches. The Protocol outlines everything that you need to know to start to rehabilitate your gut, your brain, your lymphatic system, and your cellular respiration by implementing six food-based lifestyle changes. Learn more here.

The SimplyWell Protocol

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Dismantle Your Migraine Beast: An Online Course

Coming in Fall 2018 Reclaim Your Power to Fully Function in Your Life Without Migraines or Drugs 

  • UNDERSTAND the digestive, nutritional, neurological & pharmaceutical causes of migraine headaches  
  • REESTABLISH healthy sleep hygiene so that your brain and body can self-repair  
  • DISCOVER how to abort migraines without pharmaceutical drugs  
  • EVALUATE your supplements and stop taking the ones that are making you sicker
  • LEVERAGE the use of simple, gentle, effective culinary plants to heal your gut, head, and adrenals
  • LEARN to manage your stress, get centered, and elicit support from your family and community

One-on-One Migraine Relief Coaching with Marya 

I work with people from all over the world via Skype, as well as in-person in my Portland, Oregon office, to become free from migraines. Individual coaching sessions can be beneficial for those who need:

  • Guidance and helpt to customize the Protocol to address unique needs and food sensitivities
  • Information and advocacy so that you can work more effectively with your primary health care provider 
  • Compassionate coaching on stress management, spiritual and emotional health concerns with migraine
  • A comprehensive audit of any supplements you are taking  

Currently my one-on-one coaching practice is at capacity. Learn more about coaching sessions here or to be put on the waiting list.