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By balancing your minerals - especially zinc and copper - you CAN clear your head.

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Empower yourself to radically transform your life through nutritional healing and more importantly, mineral balancing. Minerals are the sparkplugs of life!

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Chronic migraines and daily headaches once plagued my life, and I never thought I’d get out of the nightmare of torturous pain that my life had become. As a mother to young children, I HAD to find a way to function. And after five years of daily research, mineral balancing, and simple dietary changes, I healed myself – and so can you!

Day 31- Today has been the best day ever… Do I dare say I feel normal? What does normal actually feel like, I’m sure I’ve forgotten! After six years of autoimmune disease and the migraines this is quite frankly amazing. Good to be alive. So this is what it feels like after one month on the protocol, worth all the effort!!!

K. Griffin

Prince Edward Island, Canada

I feel like a new person. I have more energy and I no longer feel like migraines run my life. The other day as an experiment I drank a beer (alcohol is a guaranteed migraine trigger for me), and I did not get a migraine. Of course, I have no intentions of pushing that but it was a great confirmation that true healing is occurring.

T. Ranes

Lakewood, CO

I’m so grateful to Marya and her research. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without her help. I’m forever grateful for the gift she has given me of helping heal myself through nutrition and mineral balancing. Thank you so much Marya.

F. Fiorenza

Syndey, Australia