Healing Prebiotic Carrot Porridge

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I find breakfast to be one of the hardest meals of the day because the quick and easy sweet and starchy options get boring, are too sweet, or are not really very healthy for you – especially in the case of traditional porridge like oats, grits or cream-of-wheat, since us modern people usually don’t soak or ferment our grains anymore as our ancestors once did. I tend to get bored of egg dishes too.

So, this breakfast is really wonderful for me and my family, because it is possibly one of the healthiest, most nourishing, and most comforting breakfasts. It is also very quick to make and extremely satisfying because it is both sweet and savory. The healing minerals in the carrots (potassium, magnesium, and calcium), the brain-nourishing fat in the butter, and the prebiotic fiber all add up to a breakfast that offers sustained energy, vital nutrients, and brain and gut healing. This porridge allows you to start out your day in a healthy way, and still get the benefits of carrot juicing without the hassle.

Recently my youngest son got ill and dehydrated from a viral infection, and this was the first food I introduced to him when he was willing to eat. The prebiotic fiber binds to pathogens, and the minerals are fortifying. He loves this porridge and after eating it made a quick turnaround.

At first glance this recipe appears to just be a very bland version of carrot soup. And if we all ate carrot soup for breakfast we’d be a lot healthier. But keep in mind that the beauty of this recipe is its simplicity and its versatility in being dressed how you want, towards sweet or savory. This porridge is one way to fully appreciate carrots for their own sake as a healthy starchy base complete unto themselves. What makes this a porridge rather than a soup is the texture (especially if you add rice or quinoa), the simplicity of the flavors of butter, mild sweetness, a little salt, and not much more.


3-4 medium organic carrots, chopped in 1 in cubes and steamed
3/4 c – 1 c water
pinch of salt
2 T organic butter

Blend these ingredients together keeping in mind what kind of texture you want. You can make it extremely smoothe and silky or a little chunkier with a little more bite (this is how I prefer mine). Then add a little additional butter to the porridge once its in the bowl.


One variation of this porridge that I love is to add 1/2 cup of rice or quinoa to the mixture. Rice is also a prebiotic. Since the carrots can go either in the sweet or savory direction, you can add a little maple syrup or milk to make it sweet, or add a stalk of celery or a little ginger to make it more savory. I like to top mine with sesame seeds or blackseeds (nigella sativa).

Enjoy this porridge! Keep life simple!

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For the past 3 years, Marya has been helping those with chronic migraine to clear their head, heal their digestion, regain their energy, and transform their lives using simple plant and mineral solutions.

Are your ready to heal the root cause of your migraines?

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and not meant to replace diagnosis, treatment, or prescription by a qualified medical professional.


About Marya Gendron
Marya Gendron is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and health coach specializing in chronic migraine headache relief and alleviation of brain fog, indigestion, and histamine intolerance through plant-based solutions and hair mineral analysis. She practices out of White Salmon, Washington.

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