About Marya Gendron, LMT, BCST

I came to the path of health coaching through my own process of healing myself. 

I now understand that the scoliosis that developed when I was twelve was a result of deeper mineral imbalances, but I’m grateful to the scoliosis for putting me on the path of being a bodyworker and studying biodynamic craniosacral therapy prior to becoming a migraine coach.

By far the greatest assault to my health and wellbeing came in the form of an emergency c-section operation at age 34.  This event catapulted me into a 3 year experimental investigation into how to heal migraine without medications.  It resulted in resolution of the primary symptoms I was trying to resolve, and the accidental resolution of other minor health symptoms I had long since accepted I had to live with.

For me, chronic migraine coincided with my initiation into motherhood. 

The demands of motherhood without question made healing harder for me (due to sleep deprivation, the stress of constantly moving, and lack of community support, etc).  But having migraine while being a mother also motivated me to heal myself so I could be more present with my family.

Through the process of healing myself of chronic migraine, I’ve found great satisfaction in learning to think outside the box on issues of health, and develop a unique approach to wellbeing grounded firmly in an appreciation for the importance of nutrition (especially mineral balancing), personal responsibility, cellular renewal, movement, and community and spiritual centering to achieve health.  This is all a reflection of Folk Medicine as a movement.

I’m now grateful for all the health challenges I’ve had in my life, and have come to a place where I see them as some of the most powerful leverage points that have helped me to become more embodied, more educated, more resourced in taking responsibility for my own health, and ultimately more empowered in my life.

I’m also so grateful to my husband, Nick, who has been by my side through this harrowing – but ultimately empowering – experience.

It’s my great pleasure to  be of service to others – especially mothers and parents – in healing chronic migraine.


I went to the East-West College of the Healing Arts for massage therapy, followed by 2.5 years of biodynamic craniosacral therapy training with Micheal Shea through the International School of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and also with Todd Jackson. I studied hair tissue mineral analysis through the Malter Institute.

Life is a blessing!