What is the SimplyWell Migraine Relief Protocol?

I created this 45-page e-book to help explain to you and others how I healed myself of chronic migraine headaches. The Protocol outlines everything that you need to know to start to rehabilitate your gut, your brain, your lymphatic system, and your cellular respiration by implementing six food-based lifestyle changes.

The SimplyWell Migraine Relief Protocol effectively reduces and eventually eliminates migraines, headaches, and brain fog.  The Protocol is designed to balance the gut flora, reduce inflammation, improve electrolyte balance, support lymphatic health, and cleanse the gallbladder, liver, and kidneys.  A history of surgery, antibiotic and NSAID use, and pharmaceutical medications can all lead to histamine overload, aka, histamine intolerance.  This can manifest as a variety of symptoms, from bloating, indigestion, brain fog, chronic migraines, and constant low grade headaches. The Protocol addresses these problems and helps your body to heal itself.

Many approaches to histamine intolerance focus on elimination of histamine triggering foods, which can lead to a very severely limited diet and a constant fear of food.  What makes the SimplyWell Migraine Relief Protocol different is that it actually works to balance the body to reach a point where all foods can be eaten and reintegrated after the initial stabilization period.  This will be a great relief for people who have been eating very healthy and avoiding all of the trigger foods, but who, despite this, remain sick.

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