Services & Rates: Migraine Relief Coach Portland Oregon

I love what I do – because I know with absolute certainty that the everyday state of physical compromise that so many have taken to be their “normal”, can be changed and transformed into a true state of vitality.  I want to see that look of optimism, vitality, and refreshment on your face, too!

I offer health coaching in person (in Portland), or over the phone or via Skype to people globally. Health consultations for migraine headache relief come with a complimentary copy of my e-book, the SimplyWell Migraine Relief Protocol.

Currently I have limited my coaching practice to 6 clients a week (due to the recent birth of my second son, Quinn).  Coaching involves a minimum commitment of two sessions: one initial session that is 1.5 hours, and a 1 hour follow-up session usually about 3 weeks to 1 month later, for a total of $200 for both sessions. The initial price includes not only the time together in the two sessions, but also additional time to review your chart, and correspond with you between sessions. Subsequent sessions, if needed, are $75 an hour. Limited scholarships or sliding-scale fees are available as I am able for those unable to afford this price.

To schedule an appointment, email me at marya at, or call 802.281.2948. In your introductory email, please let me know 1) where you live and your time zone 2) your schedule and preferred time frame for a session, and 3) your Skype username if you have a Skype account.

You may download the coaching intake form here. Some people print it out and scan or photograph it and send it back to me. If you don’t feel like you want to share personal info over the web we can go over the intake during the session, but this will cut back on our time discussing other things. If you do get the intake to me before the session, please do so at least one day prior to the session so that I can review it.